Congratulations to Kenny Mei for completing the 5K Scholarship Run and the first ever action-based scholarship event. He finished with the best time and passed all of the mental challenges. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out at the event and to the 11 high school seniors who participated in the event. Special thanks to Anthony Loui, founder of Boston Road Runners, for co-hosting the event. We couldn't have done it without you! Stay tuned for some additional media from the event!

Who Are We?

We believe in students who take action towards their education. ScholarJet is a web platform that revolutionizes the scholarship process. Instead of writing essays, students will perform enriching challenges.

These challenges represent the donor's causes and beliefs, which can be creative, physical, community service or STEM related.

We believe that there are many generous individuals with a desire to support the educational pursuits of young students. We also share the value system of these individuals who recognize the value of a work ethic and the rewards of creating meaningful outcomes.

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$1.4 Trillion

National Student Debt

Example Challenges

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  • a-controlled-race-3

ScholarJet Family

Tuan Ho

CEO and Co-founder

Joseph Alim

COO and Co-founder

Francisco Calderon


Eva Ndreko

Director of Finance and Business Development

Michael Hu

Lead Backend Developer
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