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Helping the world innovate and solve the most challenging problems by empowering those who are often overlooked

The Crew

Tuan Ho
CEO and Co-founder

Tuan came to the U.S. from Vietnam at the age of 10. He graduated from Boston Latin Academy with high honors. When his family wasn’t able to help him pay for college, Tuan took matters into his own hands and wrote over 120 essays to apply for 40 scholarships earning a full ride to get his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Based on his experience when paying for college, he started ScholarJet to create a better and more exciting future. Where students can bring innovation into the world by showcasing their skills and talent and be rewarded for it through scholarships and career advancement.

Awarded with the Young Leader In Recognition at the age of 15 from the Harvard Institute of Politics, Tuan is named The Priscilla Chan Stride Fellow from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, BostInno's 25 Under 25, Forbes 30 Under 30 and the Spark Impact Winner for Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Mayor Walsh of Boston. He basically can do backflips at will.

Joseph Alim
COO and Co-founder

Joe, named BostInno 25 Under 25 and Forbes 30 Under 30, is a Brooklyn, NY first generation American who pursued his passion for engineering at Northeastern University, earning a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Engineering Management. He gained engineering experience through co-ops at GE Aviation, Instron and Medtronic.

Joe faced many competitions trying to pay for college and navigating scholarships. Based on his personal experience and seeing many of his peers left behind, he realized the need for a more accessible scholarship model and co-founded ScholarJet. With his engineering mindset, Joe leads ScholarJet’s operations every day.

Around Boston, you’ll often find Joe trying to reach new heights at a local rock climbing gym or zooming around the city on his road bike.

Francisco Calderon
CTO and Co-founder

Francisco, a Forbes 30 under 30, came to the United States from the Dominican Republic with his mother and brothers when he was 11 years old. He lived and went to school in Boston and went back to the Dominican Republic when he was 14, a decision his mother took to keep him away from the rising crime in their community. At the age of 18, after completing high school, he came back to the United States to pursue a college degree in Computer Science. He first obtained his Associate’s degree in Computer Science from Bunker Hill Community College, and scored a full scholarship to Northeastern University for a degree in Computer Science. Francisco is the man behind all of ScholarJet’s platform code.

Jasmine Tudor
Director of Marketing

Jasmine hails from Bellevue, WA and is a true Pacific Northwest native. She earned her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing at the University of Washington and was granted both College and Departmental Honors. She later earned her Master’s in Science for Interactive Digital Media at Trinity College Dublin with Distinction.

Between earning her degrees, she worked in the Web and Marketing departments at companies such as Nordstrom and glassybaby before opening her own Digital Marketing and Web Design/Development company.

As a proud Black woman she has a passion for social justice and activism and wants to use her marketing and tech skills to make our country an equal and just place for all. She decided to join ScholarJet after meeting the fabulous team and believing in their mission: to equalize higher education by revolutionizing the scholarship process.

Lindsey Williams
Creative Director

Lindsey Williams has a passion for education, the arts, science and, most prominently, how these subjects can be used to empower other people to pursue their interests. She found this intersection in the core values of Scholar Jet and quickly found herself involved with graphic design and student outreach. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Rutgers University with a double major in neurobiology and psychology, she subsequently pursued academic research. However, her insatiable interest in working directly with students has driven her into her current roles as the Creative Director of ScholarJet and the Founder of Boston Creative Collective, an organization that connects local artist to jobs in the Boston area.


Ashley Ryall
Marketing & Sales Advisor

Ashley brings eight years of marketing, sales and social media expertise, specifically within the talent space, having held individual contributor and manager roles at Bullhorn, John Leonard Employment Services and WinterWyman. Currently she owns her own content consulting firm out of the North Shore of Boston, UntapSocial, coaching professional services organizations to better leverage content and social selling best practices for lead generation and talent acquisition. She's also a national speaker on social media for sales and employer branding.

Ashley facilitates lead generation strategies, tools and best practices that help ScholarJet get in front of companies, both online and offline.

Doug Weich
Doug Weich helps people think differently so that they can solve complex problems. As Founder & CEO of Sophelle, Doug built a leading management consultancy helping the country's best retailers. Called upon for his retail expertise by national media outlets, including ABC World News and The Wall Street Journal, and a speaker at retail’s largest conferences, Doug’s thought leadership covers omnichannel retailing and retail innovation. Doug advises ScholarJet on business and sales strategies and tactics. He advises businesses and individuals on the rewards of active philanthropy and action-based scholarships.

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