10 Websites to Help You Search for Internships

Searching for an internship is an exciting time, as you weed through dozens of postings trying to find the best fit for you. But, it can also be overwhelming as you try to filter your search to eliminate the ones that aren’t relevant, only to find that only 5 of them match your criteria. Fortunately, it is not easier than ever to find internships based on what you’re looking for, without going dizzy scrolling through generic postings on big websites. Here are 10 great websites for you to find the best internship for you.


1. Idealist

Idealist is specifically for non-profit and community focused job and internship searches. If you’re interested in joining the non-profit sector after graduation and want to get your foot in the door with a company that shares your passion of certain issues, Idealist is a great place to start.


2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource because while searching for internships, you can also see individuals who work at that company — which gives you a headstart at networking. LinkedIn also has great filtering options and a clean format. You can also sign up for alerts that will let you know when a new internship matching your interests has been posted.


3. is the biggest internship site for students to find something that works for them. They also have a really cool tool called Internship Predictor, which will help to match you to your ideal internship based on your personality and interests.


4. GoAbroad

Want to intern in another country? GoAbroad is a great resource to find an internship somewhere else, so you can spend your weekends experiencing the sights and happenings of Australia, China, France, Brazil, or just about any other country, give this site a visit.



For students who know that they want to work for the United States government someday, USAJobs is an excellent place to start. Their postings are specific to government related opportunities.


6. not only has an internship search, but also provides some amazing articles with tips to landing a great internship, how to write your resume, and more.


7. Indeed

Indeed can be a little overwhelming, but if you aren’t sure what field you want to intern with just yet, it can be a good place to get an idea of what kinds of internships are available in your location. Make use of the filtering tools to bring the results page down a bit, and see if something inspires you!


8. CoolWorks

If your idea of a great internship also includes adventures and chances to explore cool places in the country, check out CoolWorks. Their jobs and internships are with places like national parks, conservation companies, camps, and tour companies, so you’re gaining once-in-a-lifetime memories (and Insta-worthy photos) while adding a bullet point to your resume.


9. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is another industry specific job and internship board, this time for media focused opportunities. They offer internships with top media companies like NBCUniversal, Cox Media Group, and more.


10. Your Campus Career Page

Finally, if your college or university has a career services page, chances are they have a link to find internships right on their website. Often, local companies will work with schools in the area to recruit students, and your school’s page should show a few of those openings.


BONUS: ScholarJet

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