5 TED talks to Help You Ace Your Midterms

1. Andy Puddicombe: All it Takes Is 10 Mindful Minutes

Often when we are preparing for midterms, we get stressed and want to use every minute of our time to review class materials. Andy Puddicombe suggests taking 10 minutes in the day, free from technology and your own thoughts to remain mindful. Watch this TED talk to learn techniques on how to keep calm during this time of stress.


2. Tim Urban: Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator

Do you tend to procrastinate before midterms? Do you wait until the last minute to pull an all-nighter so you can finish your paper? Are you like Tim Urban, who would read Wikipedia pages and explore YouTube, before starting to write? In this TED talk, Tim Urban explains the mind of a master procrastinator. He encourages us to think about what we are really procrastinating on and to “stay aware of the Instant Gratification Monkey.” Watch this TED talk to come to terms with your procrastination.


3. Jeff Iliff: One More Reason to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

According to recent data, college students are often sleep-deprived. When you have to sacrifice something in life — especially during the midterm season — sleep is usually the first to go. But according to Jeff Iliff, sleep helps clears our mind. Sleeping helps “clean” the waste that we produce during the busy day in the brain, and maintain the complex function of our brain. Sleep is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Watch this TED talk to help get your priorities straight during midterms.


4. Ricardo Lieuw On: How to Triple Your Memory by Using This Trick

Memory is tricky and there is a lot to remember for a midterm. How could you make your time more productive? Watch this TED talk to learn Ricardo Lieuw On’s trick of memorizing and how he reduces his study time from three to one hour.


5. David Kelley: How To Build Your Creative Confidence

After all, school is a place where we learn to apply our knowledge and creativity to real world projects. Look at your midterm project or paper, how can you insert your creativity within it? Feeling like it maybe lacking creativity? Then learn to incorporate it by watching this TED talk to see how David Kelley offers ways to build confidence to create.



One great way to build your creative confidence is to repurpose your midterms and submit them to ScholarJet’s competitions. It’s never too late to let your creativity fly!