The Anatomy of a Great Job Opportunity

With so many different job opportunities available out there, it can be difficult to find the one that will end up being the perfect fit for you, and an amazing experience to help you as you work towards your future career goals. With so many details and requirements in every job posting, what parts should you really be looking at to find the best job opportunity for you?


It’s Applicable to Your Degree & Future Career Goals

While every job can end up being a great learning experience, finding a position that relates to what you are studying, or what you did study, in school, as well as what you want to do someday is the most important thing to work for. It’s easy to caught up in vivid job descriptions that make you think that position sounds like the best job ever, but you have to think about whether or not it will really benefit you in the long run. That Human Resources job might look amazing, but if you’re a Graphic Design major, it might not be the best fit for you.


You Like the Company

Having similar values to the company you’re working with can make a huge difference. Even the most amazing job can be made difficult if you don’t agree with what the company stands for, and finding a company that’s the right size and overall fit for you is incredibly important. Moreover, working with certain companies that stand out on a resume due to their reputation can also be a huge help down the road.


Positive Factors

This might seem like a given, but it’s still sometimes overlooked. Details like commute time, amount of hours, fair pay, lack of benefits, and work environment can sometimes be neglected when you see what looks like the perfect job, but once you’re there, they can make for a really negative overall experience. If your job has long and inconsistent hours that interfere with your ability to see your friends and family and pursue your other passions, you’ll quickly resent it and might not be able to work your best, putting everyone in a bad position.


Opportunity for Growth

If you can, take a look at the company website and read some bios of employees that are already there to try and get a feel of whether or not the company promotes from within. Also, sometimes the job posting itself will specify whether or not that position could lead to some sort or vertical movement within the company. Remaining stagnant with one position and one company for too long can become detrimental to your confidence and work performance, so going in with the knowledge that you could move up after a certain amount of time can have some seriously positive impacts.


Great People, Great Culture

Doing some research on the company culture can also help you to narrow down your list of potential job opportunities by finding the ones that you think you’d work best in. What do their offices look like? If you work better in an open environment, keep that in mind. Do they have fun events for their employees? Does it look like the people there like each other? Finding a group of people and a company culture that you’ll fit in with will allow you to excel in your job and exceed the expectations that they may have had set for you.


It Challenges You

A great job opportunity should be one that constantly pushes you to be your best and provides you chances to improve and enhance your skills. Pay close attention to the keywords used in the job description – if it sounds boring and redundant, it probably is. Finding a position that will give you opportunities to work on new skills and overcome obstacles will help you both professionally and personally, and will set you up for future success.



Using a website like Glassdoor can help you to find some reviews from past and present employees, and give you some idea on turnover rate, salary, and general employee well-being. If you’re constantly worried that you might get laid off for no reason, or that your pay will suddenly be decreased, it’ll make for an awful experience, so taking a bit to do some research beforehand can help to alleviate some of that fear.


It Fulfills You

Perhaps most importantly, if you don’t feel like your job is rewarding, you won’t enjoy it. Whether it’s through giving back to the community, making some sort of advancement, or just doing something that you genuinely love doing, finding that bit that will make you excited to go to work every day and leave you satisfied and fulfilled is one of the most important things you can look at when evaluating a job opportunity and whether it’s the best one for you.


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