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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ScholarJet?

ScholarJet is a web platform that help companies who want to connect with the future generation by creating action-based scholarships. Instead of writing essays, students will be able to participate in “enriching scholarship challenges” in 5 categories; STEM, Art/Media, Health/Wellness, Community/Civic Engagement and Business. For example, students can paint, dance, code or even volunteer for their scholarship based on the “action” required for the challenge.

What is an action-based scholarship?

Action-based scholarships are enriching scholarships that are made to be beneficial through educating students about topics that companies care about. These challenges cannot be made to outsource work from companies to students. Students must be able to benefit from these challenges by enhancing their current experiences/talents or exposing themselves to new skills and topics that they might be interested in.

Who can apply for these scholarship?

Our scholarships are open to students with financial need. Each scholarship will specify if it is open to high school students or undergraduate college students or both. For now, only students in MA may apply, though we plan to expand nationally in the next few years.

Is ScholarJet a non-profit?

ScholarJet is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). This means we are a for-profit company that has a social mission. This mission is to unleash the potential of every high-school student with action-based scholarships, so they can help create a better future. Though we are a PBC, we are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 organization. This enables us to accept donations.

How can students complete a challenge?

Students are able to log on to and create an account. They will then find a challenge that appeals to them and click “I’m Interested” to indicate that they are interested in completing the work for that challenge. Finally, when they are ready with their work, they will be able to upload their file digitally onto our platform. The committee of the challenge will be notified to judge the submissions and the winner will be notified via email and social media.

Can students submit work that they have previously completed or done through school work/projects?

Students will be able to submit work that meets the challenge’s criteria unless specified otherwise. If a student continues to reuse a specific submission, the committee of judges will decide whether or not that submission is valid.

Why is there a profile for student?

A profile help us to cater the type of challenges that would be interested in the student’s area of expertise. It also helps us understand who the students are as people. Companies will be able to look at the student’s profile as well as past challenge accomplishments to potentially connect with the students for future opportunities beyond scholarships. The student’s profile has no effect on judging submissions.

Will companies and ScholarJet be able to use student submissions as promotional materials?

All of students submissions belong to the students. All of the submissions as well as the students will be promoted unless stated otherwise by the students. Students must let the companies or ScholarJet know if they do not want to be publically promoted 1 week after the challenge end date. It’s important to note that students and their submissions can potentially go viral.

How will I receive my money?

To ensure that the scholarship is being used towards education, we will issue the scholarship to the school that you are attending. When you know which school you are attending, please email and we will let you know when the check has been mailed.